ZyXEL Business WLAN controller NXC5500 NXC5500-EU0101F

With demand for Internet connection of mobile devices growing rapidly, high scalability WLAN and centralized management become necessary for wireless device deployments. ZyXEL’s next-generation WLAN controller, the NXC5500, is capable of extending networks flexibly and fulfilling different deploy requirements with excellent AP compatibility; and the... Více

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Zyxel NXC5500, Business Wireless LAN Controller, manage up to 512 APs (NWA5xxx/3xxx) with license upgrade (default 64APs - NXC5500-EU0101F info o obchodu LRcomp.cz expedice do 3 dnů 107 463 Kč Do obchodu www.lrcomp.cz
ZyXEL Business WLAN controller NXC5500 info o obchodu JIHACOM.cz expedice do 2 týdnů 108 777 Kč Do obchodu www.jihacom.cz